Springhouse Meats

In a recent event at a conference venue birmingham, the following subject was explored and debated:

The structure of the meat trade is evolving, with the internet playing a huge part of the economic growth in meat sales figures. A lot of meat trading is now done online for local and international markets including the large supermarket chains that will order meat in large quantities. The smaller businesses and local farmers can also process their orders using an online ordering system, which enables them to sell to a wider sector of the market home and abroad.

More and more investors are considering the live cattle trade as a viable business venture and this has become a booming business success. To put it basically - meat is big business!

Goat farming is a major profitable business venture at the moment, it is considered a more exotic form of farming and meat production - unfortunately this also causes problem when it comes to the feeding and rearing of the animals. The kids of goats are ready for the market after 90 days... which is a fairly good turnover of livestock.

We should generally encourage local farming within British market towns and farming communities as this is our future, we should be preserving the meat trade for the next generation to stabilise the economy.